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You’re Not Alone. In 2022

Cash is so twentieth century. Shoppers are addicted to the comfort of plastic. Have you ever ever used a credit or debit card to pay for a pack of gum? You’re not alone. In 2012, American buyers used cash to pay for 서울폰테크 only 27 p.c of retail transactions. The vast majority of transactions had been paid with credit score cards (29 percent) or debit cards (31 percent) [supply: New]. But even credit score playing cards are starting to really feel old-fashioned. Increasingly more customers are leaving their wallets at house and doing their purchasing solely with their smartphones.

In the latest Stuff to Blow Your Mind two-part podcast The great Eyeball Conflict, Joe McCormick and that i discover social media technology’s yawning starvation for our consideration. It wants our clicks. It desires our eyeballs. It wants our time. And our various gadgets, apps and websites are solely rising extra powerful.

But industry specialists consider that the actual tipping level for MapQuest came in 2007 when Google removed all links from its search outcomes to competing mapping websites like MapQuest and Yahoo Maps. Without any visibility on Google, by far the most-used search engine, MapQuest rapidly began to lose market share and was officially overtaken by Google Maps in January 2009 [supply: Sterling].

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