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5 Kinds of Serving

5 Kinds of Serving

5 kinds of serving. Are you starting to be interested in different types of food presentation services for diners? Any food business needs to set up this system as it affects how you will operate. The restaurant industry is challenging, but creating a system from the ground up will set you apart.

What is catering?

Catering is a process or system in which food is served to guests or customers at an establishment. It’s about getting food and drink from their source to their consumer and determining whatever labor is needed to connect those two points.

Types of food service

Understanding these 5 different types of food service and their benefits and challenges will help you decide which one to use for your restaurant.

Table service

Often called a sit-down service, this type of service requires a waiter to take care of everything from taking orders to serving food and paying.


Service is more personalized because you serve diners directly. You can accommodate special requests more easily than with other services.

This requires skilled wait staff as the waiter must remember the serving orders and procedures, as well as serve quickly.
More error-prone, as poor communication with the kitchen can lead to serving the wrong dish to the customer.

Chinese Banquet Service

This is another form of table service, where each waiter will take care of a table or a group of tables of 10 to 12 guests. The food is generally shared and shared.


Diners feel more relaxed by sharing dishes. The food served is usually pre-ordered so the waiter doesn’t have to worry about taking the order.

It requires some qualified staff as you have to be able to serve different tables simultaneously.
Coordination with the kitchen is very important as the waiter has to present all the dishes at once.

Buffet service

In buffet service, customers can choose their food from more options available on the buffet counter.

There are 4 popular types of buffet service:

  • Simple Buffet – Customers receive food from a buffet and waiters move around to clear tables and assist customers with small requests.
  • Station Buffet – Waiters serve drinks while customers receive other buffets.
  • Modified Deluxe Buffet – The table is equipped with cutlery; Waiters serve drinks, coffee, and desserts while customers receive other dishes from the buffet.
  • Deluxe Buffet – Waitstaff serves appetizers, soups and/or salads, and beverages. Customers take other dishes from the buffet.


The buffet table is very easy to prepare.
The waiters only focused on serving a few dishes and clearing the table.

Special last-minute requests can be difficult to fulfill due to time and resource constraints. This way of serving can make diners feel strange because the waitstaff only clears the plates and has little interaction with them.


In this type of food service, diners place, pay, and receive their orders at a counter similar to fast casual establishments.


The waiter just stayed behind the counter to take the order.
Waiters don’t have to go around the restaurant because the food is self-service. challenge

Diners expect quick service, so you need to prepare or prep quickly.
Rush hour can be tiring and stressful because of the possible queues. 


Similar to self-service, this type of service requires diners to order and pay at the counter, but the waiter will serve the food when the food is ready.


Waiters just need to stay at the counter to take orders and receive money.
Order delivery services are easier because the numbering system identifies the diners.

You need to prepare food quickly because customers expect quick service. Peak hours can be tiring and even more difficult when long queues and customers expect quick service.

Different types of services for your restaurant

With all the different types of catering available, finding the right one for your restaurant can create a more enjoyable experience for your diners.

Here are 4 popular types of restaurants and their respective service types:

  • Fine-dining restaurants – Table service
  • Casual Dining – Table Service/Semi-self/Self-service
  • Fast food – Self-service/semi-self-service
  • Coffee – Self Service

Some establishments even combine the two types of service in their restaurants. Some companies offer buffet service, but also offer waiter service for customers who choose a la carte menus. Have you decided how you’re going to set up your food service? The choice between service types is up to you, but make sure it also meets the needs of your target market 카지노사이트